Sophie Standen

I am a Welsh freelance writer living in Copenhagen. I write about issues facing expats in Denmark, travel articles and health content. I have a background in Social anthropology and development studies, and have an interest in issues around climate change and the environment. Before moving to Denmark, I lived in Spain and Northern Ireland. I speak Spanish and Danish.


Rebelling Against Period Shame in Kenya – Taboo: Global Periods

In Kenya, as in other parts of the world, talking about periods is taboo, due to a wide range of social and cultural customs. These social taboos often stem from a mixture of Islamic and Christian beliefs as well as Kenyan tribal tradition. Seen as polluting and dirty, and coupled with a lack of access to safe menstrual products, having a period negatively impacts educational prospects and young girls’ futures.

The Catalonian tradition of a Calçotada

Lasting from roughly January until Easter, the Catalonian tradition of a Calçotada springs up, quite literally, in a variety of places in and around the area of Tarragona. Put very simply, a Calçotada is a big barbecue that pays homage to the spring onion. This annual event, however, actually celebrates the harvest of the calçot (spring onion), and combines a heady mixture of calçots, delicious Romesco salsa, wine, grilled meat and of course the gentle sun of a Spanish winter.